Little Rock Christian Academy

Grades offered: 1st - 5th, 6th - 8th, 9th - 12th, Kindergarten, Pre-K


As you research the best educational opportunity for your children, the two most important questions you will ask are:

  • Is this school’s mission in sync with our family’s mission?
  • Is this school’s mission for real?

Every school has a worldview, a perspective on life and learning that influences the development of children. Every school operates from a philosophical point of view that directly impacts the educational outcome for families.

The value proposition for Little Rock Christian Academy is evident to hundreds of families who will be a good resource for your research. Ask a Warrior about their experience. I believe you will hear an affirmation of what I hold to be our unique value proposition.

  • challenging education anchored in the truth and grace of Jesus Christ.
  • Little Rock Christian is a leader in integrating a vibrant biblical worldview into all areas of learning.
  • Educational quality guarded and guided by a professional cadre of qualified educators.
  • A learning community that is professional, loving and increasingly diverse.
  • A safe and secure environment for learning.
  • A vital partnership with the Christian home and local churches.
  • Ample opportunity to grow in academics, artsathletics and active service to the community.

We hope you discover Little Rock Christian to be a place where your children can thrive academically and spiritually.

19010 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock, AR 72223, USA
(501) 868-9822

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